The 13 Best Web Hosting Sites for blogs 2023

First, let’s rapidly recap why investing in discovering precise web hosting for your weblog is crucial. For starters, your host gives a beneficial carrier — it shops your weblog files, data, and internet site code in a server which permits your website online to be accessed by way of traffic throughout the world. Without hosting, your web page isn’t on hand to the public.

But what’s the distinction between a mediocre host and an outstanding one? We’re satisfied you asked. For starters, “good” weblog web hosting will provide quickly loading instances to supply your content material as quickly as possible. (If you’re thinking about why load time is so important, this submission will supply you with some context.)

But web page load time isn’t the sole motive discovering the great internet hosting website online for blogs is crucial. Hosting additionally influences your website security. With precise weblog hosting, your website will be much less inclined to cyber-attacks. And if something ever does go incorrect with your site, your host ought to even have ordinary website backups saved for you so you don’t have to begin from scratch.

What are some points the satisfactory internet hosting websites for blogs have?

By retaining an eye out for these key features, you can make sure that you’re selecting the fine internet hosting provider for your blog. For the first-class outcome, your weblog host has to provide the following:

1. Customization Options

A profitable weblog host provides customization so you can make your web page uniquely yours. By customizing the appearance and sense of your weblog to shape your branding, you create an extra distinguishable company identity. A terrible internet hosting web page will solely provide a few premade templates with no chance to personalize further.

2. An Easy Learning Curve

Using a weblog web hosting website needs to be intuitive. In other words, you shouldn’t want to rent a developer. Because you’re beginning a weblog and no longer a commercial enterprise site, you must be in a position to without problems set up, design, and submit weblog posts via a simple interface.

3. Monetization Opportunities

The spine of a triumphing website? Great content, of course. And the more eyes you get on that content, the more income viable you have.

In other words, it’s integral your host of preference gives the choice to monetize your blog. Whether you gain this by means of putting up show ads, carrying out affiliate marketing, or promoting merchandise, your website online host needs to make these choices on hand or provide extensions that make it possible.

4. Ability to Install Tracking Scripts

Another key function profitable hosts have to have? The capability to install monitoring scripts. Tracking your blog’s search engine overall performance is quintessential so you can see how it performs over time. That’s the place where monitoring scripts come in handy.

The two most important monitoring scripts you ought to design to set up consist of Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Getting started out with these is handy — you can add them to your weblog site’s header tags. You may even be aware that your weblog host has the alternative to add it in with the aid of a “Custom JavaScript” textual content field which you can take benefit of.

Alternatively, if you can’t install scripts or are no longer involved in doing so, your weblog internet hosting website must supply metrics and KPIs that provide you perception of how your weblog is performing.

5. Room for Growth

As a new blogger, it would possibly be challenging to envision the place your weblog would possibly be in a few years — however as you put up extra and extra posts, you’ll want extra aspects and competencies that don’t prevent your website.

Even if you begin with the free model of a web hosting service, it’s sensible to make certain they provide improvements or have the proper website structure to guide a set-up blog. Look for sufficient storage space, an excessive variety of month-to-month visits allowed, and keep away from boundaries on metered traffic.

6. Free Email, SSL Certificates, and More

If your weblog internet hosting graph gives solely the naked minimum, remain away. As a bonus, look out for plans that provide precious sign-up incentives, such as a free email, area name, or SSL certificate.

It’s viable that you’ll want to improve to get admission to these features, however, be positive your host at least presents them in their top-class plans. These freebies can assist you in constructing your weblog barring wanting to buy these vital add-ons from every other provider.

Now that you are aware of what facets to search for, let’s take a seem to be at some of the most famous weblog web hosting choices on the market. It’s really worth noting that all of these internet hosting picks enable WordPress installation.

7. Reliability

Last — however without a doubt no longer least — your internet hosting company wishes to be reliable. In other words, you don’t choose to choose a host that affords spotty service. One way to vet this is to reflect on consideration of the uptime. When we speak about ‘uptime,’ we’re referring to the quantity of time your internet site is on hand for traffic to get right of entry to it. You favor at least 99% uptime.

Another hallmark of a proper web hosting issuer is that they provide easy facts restoration that you can rely on in case a surprising match takes place and your internet site all of sudden experiences difficulty. By making sure your web hosting issuer has these measures in place, you can relaxation guarantee you won’t lose your growth in a worst-case state of affairs situation.

1. CMS Hub

With CMS Hub, you don’t want to search for exterior web hosting to get your weblog up and going for walks — instead, there’s web hosting immediately on the platform. Plus, with a sturdy drag-and-drop builder and masses of templates to pick from, you’re properly on your way to developing a weblog really worth bragging about.

CMS Hub provides free and top-class versions, so when you are geared up to proceed with developing your blog, you can without problems take it to the next level. Even if you decide on the free version, you get managed cloud hosting. Additionally, CMS Hub has lots of personalization choices so you can personalize your website as you wish. The platform additionally boasts safety strategies in the area so you can relaxation certain that your website online is secure. And be aware of how we stated that it’s quintessential your weblog host presents superior analytics and reporting insights. With CMS Hub, monitoring your website’s overall performance and monitoring your most essential metrics is simple.

CMS Hub Pros:

  • CMS Hub is an enterprise-class safety machine in the vicinity to protect your website.
  • It is free to use — and you get managed cloud internet hosting barring spending a penny.
  • The platform integrates without delay with your CRM software, so it’s a one-stop keep for all of your weblog needs.
  • You can without problems screen your site’s performance.
  • When you’re geared up to grow, CMS Hub provides moderately priced upgrades.
  • It boasts a 99.99% uptime.
  • You’ll by no means trip charges due to traffic, storage, or usage.

CMS Hub Cons:

  • You have to construct your web page immediately on the platform to get admission to the hosting, so this won’t be in shape if you’re searching to construct a WordPress website, for instance.
  • With the free version, you’re restricted to one inbox. If you favor more, you’ll have to upgrade.

2. SiteGround Blog Hosting

SiteGround is a familiar web hosting website that works high-quality for small to medium blogs with up to 100,000 month-to-month visitors. SiteGround backs up your weblog daily, so you may by no means have to fear dropping your content.

Additionally, SiteGround is an extremely good choice if you are constructing your weblog on WordPress. It gives managed WordPress hosting, which potentially the company will manage computerized WordPress and plugin updates, caching, and safety measures for you.

SiteGround Pros

  • Site Ground affords three plans: StartUp ($14.99/month), Grow Big ($24.99/month), and GoGeek ($39.99/month). Therefore, as your weblog grows, your web hosting abilities develop accordingly, with extra month-to-month visits and extra gigabytes of internet space.
  • You get a free SSL with every plan, which can assist with your blog’s SEO.
  • Your blog’s visitors will be unmetered in all three plans; no gatekeeping or discount in overall performance even as you grow.
  • Regardless of the sketch you choose, you get a free email, which can assist your weblog to appear extra expert and established.
  • integration is easy (and free!) with all the plans.

SiteGround Cons

  • The beginning rate might also be steep for novice bloggers, and there isn’t a free alternative available.
  • The StartUp sketch does not encompass the choice for staging your site, which would permit you to see and interact with your weblog in staged surroundings earlier than publishing it.

3. Bluehost Blog Hosting

Bluehost gives low-cost internet hosting prices and a free area title for one year, which makes it an alluring choice for bloggers simply beginning out.

The carrier affords managed WordPress web hosting plus marketing, social media, and web optimization equipment such as content material enhancement recommendations, keyword selections, and more. It additionally presents sketch equipment if you’re searching for a guide there, too.

It additionally affords three web hosting options: Shared, Dedicated, and Virtual Private Server (VPS). If you pick out Shared hosting, your weblog — you guessed it — shares a server area with different blogs and websites. If you pick Dedicated hosting, your blog will have a committed non-public server, which would result in impeccable up-time and utmost stability. Virtual Private Servers are a compromise between shared web hosting and devoted hosting: You’re on a shared server, however, the software program is mounted on the bodily server to supply you personal server space, too.

Though Bluehost affords these three internet hosting options, we’ll focal point on Shared internet hosting for our review, due to the fact that this is the go-to alternative for new bloggers.

Bluehost Pros

  • The Basic graph has an extraordinarily low beginning fee ($10.99/month) in contrast to different services, making this a super preference if you desire to begin a weblog for a low price.
  • integration is free with all plans.

Bluehost Cons

  • Bluehost’s pricing shape is complicated — it’s $2.95 for primary solely when you commit to 36 months, and all of it needs to be paid upfront, which may also rack up a higher-than-expected startup charge for your blog. Plus, it auto-renews at the full amount.
  • Basic shared web hosting is extraordinarily bare-bones: It has 10 GB SSD storage and doesn’t have any protection perks. If you favor extra safety features, you’ll have to improve to the subsequent degree (Choice Plus).
  • No free e-mail is covered with any of the plans; if you choose to get a branded e-mail for your blog, you’ll have to get one via Google Workspace or Office 365.

4. HostGator Blog Hosting

Whether your weblog is meant for a small or giant audience, HostGator can help. Some of the service’s plans encompass free search engine marketing equipment to help your posts rank greater on the search engine consequences pages (SERPs).

HostGator’s drag-and-drop builder makes formatting your weblog simple, and the administrator panel consists of internet site records to assist you in considering how your content material is performing.

HostGator Pros

  • The Hatchling, or basic, format has an extraordinarily low beginning charge — $3.75/month with a 36-month commitment, which can assist you begin your weblog for cheaper.
  • You’ll get a free e-mail regardless of the layout you choose, supporting your weblog seems to be extra professional.
  • All plans encompass limitless bandwidth and disk space, giving your weblog limitless room for boom except for requiring an upgrade.
  • All plans consist of a free SSL certificate, which helps your weblog seem to be extra secure.
  • If you’re constructing on WordPress, you can do so with HostGator, as there’s a one-click WordPress deployment accepted throughout plans.

HostGator Cons

  • Just like Bluehost, a multi-year dedication has to be paid up-front, which can be pricey for some bloggers.
  • Too many web hosting options up-front may additionally make the choice difficult; You can go for shared hosting, internet site builder, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, or a committed web hosting plan. Other weblog web hosting websites provide a less complicated set of offerings, which can assist you in getting your weblog begun besides fuss.

5. GoDaddy Blog Hosting

GoDaddy lets you without difficulty graph a beautiful blog, plus control social money owed for effortless content material sharing. The provider gives everyday safety monitoring, website online backups and one-click information restore, so you may by no means have to be worried about dropping your weblog content.

Additionally, there are a wide variety of plans that suit a variety of budgets — every one of which presents 12 months of a free area identity and Office 365 email.

GoDaddy Pros

  • All plans encompass a free domain, permitting you to create a professional-looking weblog from the onset.
  • Regardless of your plan, you will get a free SSL certificate.
  • You’ll get a free Office 365 mailbox, which will permit you to have a branded inbox for your blog.
  • Even with the most primary internet hosting subscriptions, you get each day backups.
  • Enjoy unmetered bandwidth with all plans, giving your weblog room to develop besides forcing you to improve to a greater luxurious plan.
  • You get 25 GB of storage.

GoDaddy Cons

  • Just like Bluehost and HostGator, GoDaddy’s multi-year commitments ought to be paid up-front, which skill a sizeable fee.

6. DreamHost Blog Hosting

DreamHost’s website online builder allows you to create a WordPress weblog without any coding knowledge, which makes it a super alternative for customers of all levels.

DreamHost is devoted to security, too — it has multi-factor authentication, anti-spam policies, and free WHOIS privacy.

DreamHost Pros

  • All plans encompass limitless traffic, bandwidth, and storage, giving your weblog endless room for growth.
  • All plans consist of an SSL certificate, permitting your weblog to seem extra expert and protected to visit.
  • You can see the month-to-month rate up-front on the internet site however pay extra upfront for a decreased month-to-month price if you pick
  • Free automatic WordPress migration plans are included.

DreamHost Cons

  • Package picks may additionally be overwhelming for a new blogger: There’s shared internet site hosting, WordPress starter hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, devoted server hosting, and more.
  • No free area is protected — you’ll have to pay for your domain.
  • No free e-mail is protected in the fundamental plans; you’d have to either pay for it one at a time or improve to a greater high-priced plan.

7. Squarespace

Squarespace is now not completely a web hosting site, however, it routinely consists of web hosting for your weblog when you sign up for the service.

Squarespace is designed to get your internet site up and jogging as quickly as possible. It’s acknowledged for its ease of use, ready-to-use templates, drag-and-drop builder, and all-around expert feel.

Squarespace Pros

  • Getting your weblog commenced is extraordinarily intuitive and convenient — absolutely pick a template, begin editing, and improve to a paid model as soon as you’re equipped to take it live.
  • All plans consist of a free customized area when you commit to an every-year plan.
  • All plans encompass a free SSL certificate.
  • All plans enable you to have at least two extra contributors, permitting you to create a multi-author blog.
  • All plans consist of limitless bandwidth and storage, giving you room for growth.

Squarespace Cons

  • If you desired to get entry to CSS and JavaScript editing, you’d have to improve to a greater high-priced plan.
  • No free electronic mail is protected until you improve to an extra high-priced plan.
  • No free area is blanketed except if you commit to an each-year plan; if you desired to attempt it out for a few months, you’d have to buy an area from every other provider.
  • You won’t be in a position to combine your weblog with WordPress.
  • It is more luxurious than different picks — if you pay monthly, the base model is $23/month.

8. Nexcess Blog Hosting

Nexcess presents thoroughly managed WordPress internet hosting that is optimized for content material platforms. Plans consist of curated top-rate plugins, plugin overall performance monitoring, and the ultra-fast Nexcess CDN. Hosting with Nexcess potential your website is fast, scalable, and secure. Nexcess offers computerized plugin and platform updates, always-on monitoring, and autoscaling when you want it (and no longer when you don’t).

Nexcess Pros

  • Choose from seven exclusive entirely managed WordPress web hosting plans to healthy your needs
  • Free migrations are covered with each plan.
  • Nexcess does not cost overage fees. There are no visitor limits or metered pageviews.
  • Even the starter tier plans encompass free top-rate plugins
  • All plans encompass always-on protection monitoring and 24/7/365 aid from WordPress experts.
  • Nexcess affords a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • You get free e-mail and free SSL with even the most fundamental plan.

Nexcess Cons

  • Pricing is a bit complicated, so be certain you comprehend what you’re committing to when you signal up.
  • No free domain registration is protected — you’ll want to buy that separately.
  • It is constructed on WordPress, which requires some technical knowledge.

Now that you recognize all about top-rate weblog web hosting services, let’s cowl some free selections for those searching to construct an internet site on a budget. However, it is vital to maintain in idea that some free weblog web hosting websites have restrictions.

6 Best Hosting Sites for Blogs: Free

1. CMS Hub

We already referred to CMS Hub as a plausible alternative for those searching to construct a weblog with a top-rate web hosting website online — however, did we point out that CMS Hub has a completely free plan? The platform, which has AI baked in, is an effective alternative whether or not you reflect on consideration on yourself self a marketer or developer searching to get into weblog creation.

With the assistance of CMS Hub hosting, you can customize a visually appealing, personalized weblog that will assist you in setting up your business’s recognition and private brand. We comprehend we already showcased many of CMS Hub’s features, however, they’re well worth reiterating, so let’s talk about them. When you work with the free model of CMS Hub, you will have to get entry to a drag-and-drop builder, an AI content material assistant, top-rate internet hosting and security, and even search engine optimization guidelines to make bigger the probability your content material will give up on the SERPs.

CMS Hub Pros:

  • It’s completely free — there are no hidden fees.
  • You can improve if you choose, however, you can additionally actually stick with the free model as long as you use the platform.
  • It absolutely integrates with your patron relationship administration (CRM) software.
  • There are masses of issues to select from for optimum customization.
  • Advanced reporting preferences are reachable to assist you in making the most of your content.
  • The platform has 99.99% uptime and sturdy safety measurements in place.
  • There will in no way be expenses due to the fact of traffic, storage, or usage.

CMS Hub Cons:

  • If you are searching to construct on WordPress, you can not get admission to CMS Hub hosting. It’s solely accessible for websites created with CMS Hub.

2. Free Blog Hosting presents quite a few paid plans in addition to a restrained free plan. With the free internet hosting plan, you get 3GB of storage plus computerized updates and website backups. It consists of Jetpack, however no different plugins.

Additionally, there will be commercials on your blog, and your area will encompass “WordPress” in it (like this:, making the free carrier perfect for small-scale, non-public blogs.

WordPress Pros

  • It’s extraordinarily handy to sign up and get started: definitely create an account, select your WordPress subdomain, and proceed to your dashboard.
  • The dashboard is designed for bloggers first, with a “Write” button-up pinnacle that straight away lets you begin a post.
  • Setup can be achieved in simply a few minutes, and you can begin publishing weblog posts the same day you signal up (other weblog internet hosting websites require a lengthier setup).
  • Paid plans begin at the distinctly lower priced rate of $48//year and $4/month.

WordPress Cons

  • The sign-up system continuously tries to “trick” you into paying for a sketch by hiding the “Start for free” prompts.
  • You won’t get a free area until you improve to a paid plan.
  •’s commercials and branding will be on your weblog except you improve to a paid plan.
  • gives a confined performance on the free plan; you won’t have to get admission to WordPress’ expansive library of plugins unless you go for the Premium ($8/month) and Business plans ($25/month).

3. Wix Free Blog Hosting

Wix is a beginner-friendly internet hosting website with a free design for bloggers that consists of protection monitoring, 500MB of cloud storage, and 500MB of bandwidth.

The carrier makes designing your weblog easy with the assistance of templates and a drag-and-drop web page builder. However, it consists of a branded area title — — and Wix commercials on your website.

Wix Pros

  • It’s convenient to get started: Simply sign up, reply to a few questions about your project, choose the facets you choose on your site, and let Wix AI construct your weblog for you.
  • You can effortlessly import records from every other current blog, if you have one, with its one-click import feature.
  • A stay chat widget is covered even in the free plan, permitting you to join with conceivable subscribers.

Wix Cons

  • No customized area is covered until you improve to a top-class plan.
  • No free e-mail is included, even in paid plans.
  • Your weblog will have Wix’s branding and commercials except you improve to a paid plan; the branding is pretty prominent.
  • The drag-and-drop editor has a moderate getting-to-know curve with small, refined buttons.
  • You can construct a weblog on Wix, however, that isn’t absolutely what it used to be at the start constructed for. To add a weblog post, you have to go to the web page editor, click on Manage, click on Blog, then click on Create New; evaluate this to WordPress’s “Write” button positioned prominently in the dashboard.

4. Weebly Free Blog Hosting

Weebly’s free web hosting diagram is pretty robust, with limitless bandwidth, no ads, internet site templates, a drag-and-drop builder, and 500MB of storage.

The free plan, however, does no longer permit for a free e-mail tackle to be linked to your area and requires a Weebly-branded area name.

Weebly Pros

  • A free SSL certificate is covered even on the free plan.
  • The sign-up manner is easy and straightforward; there’s no push towards buying a paid plan, permitting you to begin your weblog except fuss.

Weebly Cons

  • No customized area title or e-mail is blanketed in any plan.
  • Your weblog will be branded with Weebly’s brand and branding except you improve to a paid plan.
  • When you’re signing up, you’re pressured to select between a Personal internet site or a Business website; you have to figure out whether or not you choose to monetize your weblog now as an alternative to phasing in monetization as your weblog grows.

5. 000WebHost Free Blog Hosting

000WebHost consists of no ads, rapid loading times, and 10GB of bandwidth with the free internet hosting plan.

The carrier does not provide customers with any stay support. And each and every month, there may be a two-hour offline duration time — meaning, your weblog will be inaccessible for two hours a month to all users.

000WebHost Pros

  • The free diagram comes with 300MB of storage and up to 3,000 allowed month-to-month visits.
  • If you ever desire to upgrade, the paid plans are extraordinarily cheap, beginning at $1.99/month with a 4-year commitment. (Otherwise, $9.99/month.)

000WebHost Cons

  • SSL is no longer free.
  • No free area or electronic mail account is covered in the free plan.
  • Extremely constrained bandwidth (3 GB).

6. Blogger Free Blog Hosting

Blogger is any other free choice best for small-scale blogs. You can host a limitless variety of domains and effortlessly combine your blog and internet site with your different Google money owed and offerings (e.g. Calendar, Drive, Maps, etc.).

The responsive templates make it convenient to graph a mobile-friendly web page for your blog. With the free plan, there are no commercials however search engine optimization help and aid is limited.

Blogger Pros

  • Easily set up your weblog in simply a few clicks; sign up, title your blog, pick a template, and begin posting.
  • Because Google owns Blogger, it makes it convenient to add a Google Analytics ID, which can assist you in tuning your blog’s performance.
  • You can join a customized area if you have one.
  • You can invite different co-founders to be directors for the weblog barring wanting to pay for an extra subscription or share a login.
  • Monetization picks are handy to get entry to in the dashboard’s sidebar; join an AdSense account, and you’re all done.

Blogger Cons

  • No free area or e-mail account is included; you’d have to buy each of these separately.
  • It affords extraordinarily restrained customization options. You can select from a lengthy listing of themes; however, you won’t be able to edit the CSS and provide your weblog a special look.
  • There are three kinds of editors: A textual content editor, a design editor, and a theme editor. Because these three editors are separate, it feels unintuitive to add textual content and trade the appearance of your blog. Compare this with Weebly’s and Wix’s drag-and-drop editors, which enable you to edit all three at the same time.

There are a variety of web hosting provider choices to pick from when beginning your blog. These preferences provide a range of facets and are best for many one-of-a-kind users.

Review the preferences we protected above and dive into their facets and pricing pages to decide which is the proper healthy for you.

Find a Blog Hosting Service to Launch Your Blog

Creating a weblog is no small feat. A weblog can assist you in creating a non-public brand, generating revenue, and putting your insights on hand to an increased public. With satisfactory weblog internet hosting sites, you can without problems launch a new weblog without plenty of coding or fuss. The preferences we’ve endorsed will permit your weblog to develop and assist you in creating a loyal subscriber base.

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